Adidas Yeezy 3s Coming in November


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

During the Australian leg of his Yeezus Tour, last night Kanye announced that the highly anticipated Yeezy 3s will be coming in November.

During his stream of consciousness at last nights performance, Kanye began to detail the upcoming release, this time which will be produced by Adidas, Nike’s longtime competitor.

“Now I feel good because we’ve been working hard and we got the new Yeezys 3 coming in November and this is just the beginning. This is something that I want to create and do for the rest of my life.

It might have looked a little bit wild when I was talking and turning up but the only thing that matters is that this time next year, when I say, ‘Do y’all want Yeezys?’ You say you was able to at least try on a pair, at least cop a pair—that they was in your hands and you weren’t being held back by some company that will give any athlete 500 billion dollars but if you take somebody that actually is part of this and sent to the office in fourth grade for drawing sneakers and went to art school and decided to do music.” – said Kanye.

The most optimistic piece of information about the sneaker release however is that an expanded production will make the shoe available and affordable to many more, only expanding Kanye’s influence in fashion. The Yeezy 2 has been described by many as the biggest sneaker release of all time, we cannot wait to see what the Yeezy 3s will do.

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