Kanye West, Jay Z & Frank Ocean Facing Infringement Lawsuit


Courtesy of XXL

The hit single “Made in America,” from Kanye West and Jay Z’s critically acclaimed collaboration album Watch the Throne, is now the subject of a $3 million dollar lawsuit. New York artist Joel Mac claims that the song, which features Frank Ocean and Mike Dean, copies the lyrical themes of his 2009 track, also titled “Made in America.”

Mac points to the references towards Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. (specifically on the Frank Ocean hook), as well as the similar beat, as evidence the song was lifted. Mac allegedly had no involvement in or knowledge of the song during its recording.

This marks the second time that Kanye and Jay have been sued for infringement on Watch the Throne. Soon after the albums release in 2011, Syl Johnson filed a lawsuit claiming the track “The Joy” used an uncleared sample of his song “Different Strokes.” That lawsuit was eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Listen to Joel Mac’s “Made in America” below, as well as Watch the Throne‘s version:


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