Songs of the Week featuring Childish Gambino, Lupe Fiasco, G-Unit & More!


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

The best and brightest of this past week in music, as well as a throwback track! Hopefully you can bump these on the way to work to brighten up your Monday mornings!

Make sure you check out my soundcloud page because I post all the songs of the week on there!

Bino dropped this new track really out of nowhere. And not long after he announced a new mixtape entitled “STN MTN / KAUAI” so expect this to appear on that tape. Very very cool song; He just gets better and better with every release

Really powerful song; this is essentially the “Fuck You Cancer” anthem. The original just had Lupe rapping with Charlie Wilson singing, but the remix features a nice verse from Common with Jennifer Hudson and Charlie Wilson singing.

P. Reign is an OVO artist who recently dropped his “Dear America” project which was pretty good and worth checking out; but this is for sure the highlight of the project because of the Drizzy and Future features.

This single has been teased for a while and we finally got it; and it did not disappoint. Bino keeps his hot streak going with a great verse and Logic puts in a few good verses and continues to be one of the most underrated rappers doing things right now. Look out for his Def Jam debut album coming soon.

This is a Chi-town remix of the original track which appeared on Herb’s mixtape “Welcome to Fazoland”. Common and Chance both put in dope 16’s while Herb holds his own as well

G-Unit has been very active this past year and last week they dropped a digital EP out of nowhere called “The Beauty of Independence”. This was one of the highlights off that project. Great to hear them back together and hopefully we get an album or at the very least see the other members of G-Unit appear on 50’s upcoming “Street King Immortal”.

Lil Bibby just dropped his “Free Crack II” mixtape and one of the standouts was this song featuring the crooner Anthony Hamilton and Jadakiss.


In honor of the 9th anniversary of “Late Registration” I present my favorite song off the album and in my opinion this song has 2 of Kanye’s best verses of all time. Of course this song features the legendary Killa Cam as well as Consequence, before he was wack




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