Eminem ft. Sia – “Guts Over Fear


Early today we wrote about Eminem’s upcoming album Shady XV, rumored to release this fall. Now we have the albums first single ‘Guts Over Fear’ featuring Australian singer Sia.

“I’d rather make a Not Afraid 2, than make another another mother fucking We Made You.”

Does this mean Slim Shady is dead and only Eminem survives? We didn’t like ‘We Made You’ either, it was far from Eminem’s best ‘humorous song’, but no more silly Eminem? Fans already lost live performances of ‘Cleanin’ Out My Closet’, a song Eminem no longer performs because it insults his mother, but is that side of Eminem really retiring? This may be horrible news for many Em fans but at least, as he raps “the legend of the angry blonde lives on.”

Throughout the song Eminem beautifully catalogs his career from the beginning, speaking about the courage he had from the beginning, but we still don’t want to see Slim die. However we have seen Eminem’s violent perverse and silly rapping alter-ego die off over the years (despite essentially creating a sequel to the Marshall Matters EP), so this should be no surprise. But if Eminem wants to end this part of his rap career maybe he should stop by saying ‘faggot’, just an idea. R.I.P. Slim Shady.

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