Songs of the Week | Featuring J. Cole, Drake, Jeezy and More!


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

From now on every Sunday we will feature “Songs of the Week” to catch you up on the highlights of the past week in music, as well as one throwback track! Hopefully you can bump these on the way to work to brighten up your Monday mornings!

This new feature will help you guys weed through the dozens of weak releases each week and get straight to the good stuff. Make sure to check out my soundcloud because I post every track on there as well!

This first one isn’t exactly your typical J. Cole song, it’s much more political, but it is something you really should hear as it speaks on the injustice of the Michael Brown case and it is a very powerful song. I highly recommend you open up Rap Genius while you listen to this song

Crazy smooth track right here. It features all the hottest R&B singers and crooners in the game right now. Definitely another summer smash from Khaled.

Newest song off Jeezy’s upcoming seventh album, dropping September 2nd. This one features a beat from Black Metaphor, who you may know from Game’s “Ali Bomaye”, which is very soulful and smooth. This is the type of beat that (in my opinion) Jeezy, and Rozay especially, excels over.

This track is by Nas sound-alike: Your Old Droog. Although it’s been confirmed that this mysterious rapper is not Nas, it is still insane how much they sound and rhyme alike. Production on this is handled by Mac Miller

This one really came out of left field; iLoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” was gaining a bit of popularity, but outside of Atlanta it had yet to blow; but it certainly caught the ear of Drizzy, who hopped on the remix with an impressive verse

This is a remix of Ross’s Mastermind track “Supreme” and it features Murda Ma$e, Fabo, and Krizzle. All three get busy and I love hearing Krit on these types of beats and I really hope Ma$e actually makes a comeback, dude has still got it. This also features a Katt Williams intro and outro


This classic is brought to you by the genius that is Talib Kweli & Mos Def, aka Blackstar.



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