The Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour is Awesome but is it Biting Off Childish Gambino?


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Drake and Lil Wayne’s Street Fighter inspired Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour is already being praised by many, just days into the tour. One of the things it is especially being praised for is its interactive app, which allows concert goers to download the app before the concert and vote for who won the battle between Drizzy and Weezy that given night. However while this concept is certainly new, it may look familiar to some and has members of a famous rapper’s camp upset.

Ask anyone who went to Donald Glover (Childish Gambino’s) Deep Web Tour, and they will tell you that Drake and Lil Wayne are not the first to create a mobile phone app for concert goers to interact at a concert. Just this past year Donald Glover teamed up with WordPress to create such an app, called the ‘Deep Web App’ which allowed users to, among other things, send messages and drawings, and vote on polls for the moments leading up to Childish Gambino’s entrance.  Although not a direct copy, it is hard to believe that there was no inspiration here.

One member of Gambino’s camp, Famuel Rothstein, Childish Gambino’s friend and business partner voiced his opinion on the matter on Twitter, saying “At some point we’re gonna be too big for people to keep stealing from us.” While this is an obvious shot at the Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour, you cannot blame Rothstein for being upset as neither Drake nor Lil Wayne have acknowledged the inspiration, or even acknowledged Childish Gambino as a rapper in general. A beef between Gambino and Drake has been rumored for years, from Gambino’s “How come every black actor gotta rap sum, I don’t know, all I know is I’m the best one” and “I don’t talk soft, thats that other guy” lyrics in Bonfire, to even a love (or lust in this matter) triangle between the two and Jhene Aiko. Also recently Gambino called out Drake, among other rappers, in a recent freestyle during one of his shows (in a very Kendrick Lamar on Control style).

No matter what, Drake and Lil Wayne’s tour is proving to be a can’t miss concert series this summer, but we can’t blame Glover if he things some props should be thrown his way for changing the game.

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