The debut album of the R&B sensation PARTYNEXTDOOR. Coming of a well received self titled EP, can this live up to the hype?

Even though the album is titled with a “2” this is actually the first. The OVO artist has really blown up in the past year with features from Mr. OVO himself, Drake and a solid following from a popular EP released last summer. Looking to solidifying himself with another good release he comes out the gates with “East Liberty”. The familiar spacey smooth sounds we’ve become accustom to are the perfect start off. The beginning of this album is very strong with songs like “SLS” and “Sex on the beach”.

The album is spotty after that with singles, good songs and forgetful melodies. Definitely a downhill experience for me with such a great opening. Overall I would say it doesn’t tarnish him in any way but I’m not sure if there is a standout song in the album that will take him to another level of popularity. It keeps his momentum going and expands his discography which was limited compared to his main competition “The Weeknd”. I would suggest a listen as it’s very smooth and would be great ambient music for certain situations.



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