Rapper/Actor Spoken Reasons Disses Lil B and Lil B Fans Have Field Day


Photo by Erik Hess

John A. Baker Jr., also known as rapper Spoken Reasons, recently spoke with VLAD TV where he dubbed Lil B the wackest rapper of all time. Instantly the interviewer, and Lil B’s fan base (“The Taskforce”) on Twitter, came to Lil B’s defense. Check out the interview and Lil B fans coming at Spoken Reasons at the jump.

Thank you Based God, because anyone who disses Lil B is in for some embarrassment, as Lil B fans may just be the most committed fans in music. After seeing The Game, Joey Badass, and Kevin Durant being embarrassed after insulting Lil B, it will be exciting to see how this new beef with Spoken Reasons will play out.







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