Andre 3K Debuts New “Sloppy Wet Poseidon” Jumpsuit at Summerfest


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last night at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Andre 3000 debuted another one of his head scratching jumpsuits, this time reading “Sloppy Wet Poseidon” with a dollar sign price tag attached.

Throughout their reunion tour, Andre has showcased a number of black jumpsuits displaying different phrases, often with an attached price tag displaying different things, such as “sold out”, “$” or “for sale.” It is speculated that he is making a statement as to the millions that Outkast is reporting to make off their recent reunion tour. So far these, often humorous often deeper, phrases read “big girls are beautiful to me”, “everything is temporary” and even “ninjas kill me”.

However, we really scratched our heads yesterday when Outkast performed at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, with Andre displaying his “sloppy wet poseidon” jumpsuit. Although Poseidon of course is the Greek god of the ocean, we are not too sure what a sloppy wet poseidon is. It sounds like it could be a drink, a sex act, or something we can’t even begin to imagine. Urban Dictionary resulted in no matches to “sloppy wet poseidon”, “wet poseidon” or “sloppy poseidon”. None the less, Milwaukee got its piece of the Outkast pie last night, acquired new coach Jason Kidd this morning, and drafted Duke’s Jabari Parker the other night. They are certainly having a great week.


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