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Throwback Thursday Review: Bluestars | Pretty Ricky



On Thursdays we review albums that are considered “classic”. Without a doubt, this will be our most critically unsupported “classic” album for a Throwback Thursday review yet, but I stand by the LP none-the-less. Although it was not received with critical acclaim and accolades upon its release, Pretty Ricky’s debut LP Bluestars is a classic and highly underrated R&B album. This project was much more than just the album that brought fans ‘Grind On Me’, rather it is full of great tracks top to bottom. Released almost a decade ago, this album has aged very well, even though the careers of Pleasure P, Baby Blue, Slick’em, and Spectacular have not. With tracks like ‘Your Body’, ‘On the Hotline’, ‘Nothing But a Number’, and of course ‘Grind On Me’, Bluestar is one of the best R&B group albums of all time, no disrespect to Boyz II Men, TLC, and Destiny’s Child. It is really hard to think of any R&B group since Pretty Ricky, to do it as well as these four men did with their solo album, and although they have since broke up, just last year rumors circulated over a possible reunion tour. A Bluestars 2 maybe?

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