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Album Review: NehruvianDOOM | Bishop Nehru & MF DOOMO


Since 2012’s mixtape “Nehruvia” and hype from the likes of HOT 97’s white boy-famous Pete Rosenberg, Rockland County native Bishop Nehru, unqualified or not, has been deemed the prodigal harbinger that will spur hip-hop’s retrograde back to the wistful golden age. Much like his 90’s-resurgent “quasi” contemporaries Joey Bada$$ and much of the Beast Coast movement, lyrics that lack in coke price references and lust-crazed nightclub scenes are made up for in Nehru’s slick wordplay and syncopated delivery over DOOM production. Common to many prophecies of second-comers, the expectations bestowed unto the promised one are near impossible to fulfill. These expectations are exacerbated by a herd of rumor-grazing sheep, drum beating their follower to a platform of unattainable enlightenment. Mention an MF DOOM sighting, and total pandemonium ensues.

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