Photos: Lil Wayne Brings the Fire to The Sylvee with High-Energy ‘Welcome To Tha Carter’ Tour Performance


Lil Wayne
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

The Sylvee in Madison, WI was filled to capacity on Saturday night as Lil Wayne took the stage as part of his “Welcome To Tha Carter” Tour. The sold-out concert was a testament to Lil Wayne’s lasting impact on the music industry, as fans from all over Wisconsin and surrounding states came together to witness the legendary rapper in action.

The concert kicked off with a high-energy DJ set, followed by an electric entrance by Lil Wayne to his track “Mr. Carter”. The crowd erupted into cheers with their cellphones recording and held high as Lil Wayne stepped on stage, clad in his trademark dreadlocks and a Gucci sweatshirt with a blunt in his hand. From the first track to the last, Lil Wayne’s performance was an unforgettable experience that had fans rapping along throughout the night.


As the night wore on, Lil Wayne continued to deliver an incredible performance, keeping the energy high until the very end. In total he performed around 40 of his greatest tracks and features. Although most were not full versions, Weezy made sure everyone got to hear their favorite Lil Wayne song.

The concert at The Sylvee was a testament to Lil Wayne’s enduring popularity and influence on the music industry. His  career-spanning performance was a testament to his incredible talent and ability to keep a crowd engaged. Check out our shots from our favorite moments from the memorable evening.

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