Limp Bizkit Brings Their “Still Sucks” Tour to Green Bay’s Resch Center

The iconic rap rock band delivered a career spanning set for their Wisconsin fans on Sunday night.


Limp Bizkit performs at the Resch Center in Green Bay, WI on May 22, 2022 (Photo by Dan Garcia).

It seems like just yesterday when Limp Bizkit was one of the biggest names in music, circa the days that MTV and VH1 had a pulse on what was popular and Fred Durst provided the industry with a heavy counter to the NSYNC, Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys of the world. Fast forward a couple decades and a few hiatuses later and the same group that brought you “Nookie” and “Break Stuff” is now giving us dad vibes but while still selling out huge venues across the country thanks to their unmatched energy and catalogue of hits.

That brings us to the bands latest tour, the ironically dubbed, “Still Sucks” tour. And while the band is of course joking around and poking fun at themselves with the tour’s title, little to nothing sucked about last night’s performance at Green Bay’s Resch Center. Now in the back 9 of their U.S. tour, which has made stops at arenas in a number of secondary markets as well as a few primary markets, the band is as good live as they’ve ever been, which is why they can still dominate massive crowds, as they did a few hours south at Lollapalooza this past summer.

But you can’t just go years without seeing Limp Bizkit live and jump right into it, which is why Fred Durst recruited Yung Gravy to “lube the crowd” before Limp Bizkit hits the stage each night. Minnesota’s Yung Gravy, a 26-year-old rapper and University of Wisconsin-Madison alum, wouldn’t necessarily be your first guest for support of a Limp Bizkit tour, but his sound and sense of humor is perfect for a Limp Bizkit concert, even though the two acts are separated by decades and genres.

The former UW badger got the night started with tracks like the Mr. Sandman sampled, “Mr. Clean”, and of course his 2020 single, “Oops!”, which is his biggest hit today.

Moments after Yung Gravy said his farewells to the packed crowd of Green Bay Packers fans, just a couple blocks from the historic Lambeau Field, it was time for the Fred Durst led Limp Bizkit to greet their loyal fans. Rather than spoil fans with a classic right off the bat, the band stayed true to the tour and kicked things off with “Dad Vibes”, the lead single from their newest LP, “Still Sucks”, which they are touring in support of.

Durst, with his new dad get up, instead of his signature t-shirt and backwards fitted cap, started the show on his version of an Archie Bunker-like recliner, where we was later joined by the rest of his band. From guitarist Wes Borland to John Otto on the drums and more, the 2022 version of Limp Bizkit is as true to the OG version of the band as a Day 1 fan could ever hope for.

The band then continued with a couple of their classics, including “Rollin'” and “My Way”. One definite highlight from the performance included the band’s performance of “Nookie” where they invited a young fan on stage who Durst stressed “did not do it for the nookie”, just one of many moments where Limp Bizkit showed off their sense and humor and crowd work throughout the night.

And as the crowd matched the bands energy with each song, the anticipation of the evening built until the night’s final moments, with a live performance of Limp’s 2000 hit “Break Stuff”, which put a rageful exclamation on a night full of moshing for the hundreds of fans in the GA pit. The Resch Center will certainly not experience a night like last night for quite some time.

Check out our favorite photos from Limp Bizkit’s headlining “Still Sucks” tour below and grab your tickets for the tour’s remaining dates here.

Limp Bizkit

Yung Gravy


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