Review: Gracie Abrams shines at the Metro in Chicago

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter brought her “This Is What It Feels Like” tour to a sell out crowd at the Metro.

Photo by Dan Garcia / The Early Registration


Although the Metro has long been one of Chicago’s most popular venues, hosting emerging acts and established headliners alike for decades, last night was perhaps the last time you’ll see Interscope‘s rising pop artist, Gracie Abrams, perform for such an intimate crowd. While selling out the iconic venue is no small-feat, Abrams is on a fast-track to stardom and is already scheduled to return to Chicago this April for 10,000 fans, in support of Olivia Rodrigo with two sold-out shows at the Aragon Ballroom. If her calendar is any indication, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter is set to have her biggest year yet and she will only validate the high expectations that both the industry and her fans have for her promising career.

With the stage set, Abrams brought her “This Is What It Feels Like” tour to Chicago on Tuesday night, for one of her first (and likely last) intimate performances in the Windy City.

Up first for the night, singer Alix Page kicked the evening off with performances from her brand new EP, Old News. Led by its two singles, “25” and “Radiohead”, the 19-year-old and University of Southern California sophomore’s performance set the mood for the night’s headlining act.

As the house lights turned off and the music began, Gracie Abrams emerged on stage in front of the sold out crowd. Performing her 2021 single, “Feels Like”, Abrams instantly won us over with her infectious energy on stage. Throughout the evening Abrams took times to wave to fans throughout the venue, took selfies and polaroids, sang Happy Birthday to a few fans, accepted gifts and overall engaged with her audience much more than your typical artist.

Just five songs into her set, Abrams expressed her love for the venue and her Chicago fans. “This is my favorite show (of the tour) so far,” Abrams told the crowd. And while such a line is typically lip service from a performer well versed in media training, it felt sincere as Abrams smiled throughout the entire show and shared her love for the Chicago crowd on multiple occasions.

Abrams also showed off her sense of humor half-way through her set, which was a definite highlight. After taking a chocolate bar from a fan in the front row, Gracie shared that the note to the gift read, “this is made with oat milk… because of your IBS,” to which Abrams then replied, “that’s how you know you talk too much,” making fun of her oversharing with fans on social media. Jokes aside, the moment showed how special of a connection Abrams has with her loyal fanbase.

Throughout the night Abrams performed a set full of cuts from her debut project, “minor” and her 2021 sophomore release “This Is What It Feels Like”. She showcased her beautiful vocals, blessed fans with her talents on the guitar and keyboard, and kept the crowd engaged like a music veteran who has been performing for years. From the night’s opening tracks to her encore performances of “Unlearn” and the upbeat “For Real This Time”, the performance was great from start to finish.

Usually a great concert is full of surprises, but Tuesday night was the exception to the rule. It’s no surprise that Gracie Abrams shined in front of a sold-out crowd. It’s no surprise that her next Chicago performances also sold-out. And it’s even no surprise that Abrams’ songwriting influenced one of the biggest songs of the decade (Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license”), so it’s only fitting that the Interscope labelmates are touring together in the coming months.

Tickets are all sold-out but if you missed out last night, you will not want to miss out when Gracie Abrams returns to Chicago for her performances in support of Olivia Rodrigo on April 15th and 16th at the Aragon Ballroom.

Check out the set list and our favorite photos from the sold-out performance below.

Set list

  1. Feels Like
  2. Brushfire
  3. Better
  4. minor
  5. 21
  6. Friend
  7. Painkillers
  8. Mess It Up
  9. Camden
  10. Long Sleeves
  11. Alright
  12. Rockland
  13. Bottom
  14. Wishful Thinking
  15. I miss you, I’m sorry
  16. Unlearn
  17. For Real This Time


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