Lizzo Puts on Huge Summerfest Show that Fans Won’t Soon Forget


Photo by Dan Garcia

While it wasn’t without controversy, after Lizzo tweeted about an incident between a member of her team and a security guard, Lizzo’s Summerfest performance in Milwaukee was one to remember. With well over 10,000 fans in attendance, outshining Willie Nelson’s headlining performance at the festival’s large amphitheater, Lizzo performed for one of the biggest crowds in her career.

Fans sang along from start to finish, and thankfully a powerful voice like Lizzo’s was able to be heard over the sea of screaming fans. It’s unfortunate that the night didn’t end in the best way, but Lizzo’s performance last night was beyond epic!

Check out our photos of Lizzo’s Summerfest performance below.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

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