Photos: Parachute Bring The Young Tour to Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Just a day removed from the release of their self-titled 5th studio album, Virginia-natives Parachute brought their headlining tour to the historic Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI to the delight of their Wisconsin fans.

Led by singer Will Anderson, the platinum selling band’s tour (dubbed “The Young Tour”) is named after their new album’s lead single, and rightfully kicked off the band’s set on Saturday evening. From start to finish the band opened and closed with cuts from the brand new LP, while still dedicating much of their setlist to the band’s first four albums. Tracks like ‘Lonely With Me’, ‘Can’t Help’ and ‘Jennie’ were just a few of many songs from Parachute’s past few records that made the cut for a setlist that was specially curated for the Milwaukee stop of the tour.

With a perfect mix of energetic tracks and slower jams, Will, Johnny and Kit partied with the Milwaukee crowd for about an hour and a half until their performance of ‘Had It All’, another single from the new album. 

Check out our photos from Saturday night’s performance below and get your tickets for the remaining dates of Parachute’s headlining tour here.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

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New Orleans
Can’t Help
Without You
Meant To Be
Finally Got It Right
Lonely With Me
She Is Love
Forever And Always
Talk To Me
Something To Believe In
Kiss Me Slowly
What I know
Had It All


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