5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Missed Jason Mraz’s Good Vibes Tour at The Ravinia


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

The Beach Boys may have brought the “good vibrations” to Highland Park’s Ravinia Festival on Friday night, but Jason Mraz brought the good vibes on Saturday, as his headlining Good Vibes Tour with singer Brett Dennen invaded the Chicagoland festival last night.

We hope you made it out to the sold out performance, but if you didn’t, we have our five reasons why you missed out on the good vibes.

1. The Vibes

The vibes are always positive at The Ravinia, as the festival is like none other in the area. The not-for-profit festival brings some of the biggest names in music to Highland Park, all while giving fan a number of ways to enjoy the live entertainment. Whether you were enjoying a close-up view of Jason Mraz’s performance in the pavilion or whether you were staying cool and enjoying a picnic in the lawn, the common denominator was the night’s good vibes.

Instantly the vibes were good as Jason Mraz surprised fans by making a brief appearance on stage to thank fans for coming out, while introducing his opening act, ‘Wild Child’ singer Brett Dennen. Mraz then cracked open a La Croix from his can koozie holster and let Dennen take things from there. A rare move by a headliner, but a very nice gesture from one of music’s most genuine entertainers.

2. He was a Stand Up Comedian in Another Life

Throughout the entire night, Jason Mraz proved that he is one of the funniest singers in music today. With himself and his band dressed in colorful jumpsuits, Mraz showed some humility by taking multiple cracks at his outfit. “Are they in a cult, why are they dressed like that?” “Why are they dressed like astronaut, because we’re going to the space within,” Mraz joked.

Mraz also had the crowd laughing with his special performance of ‘Chocolate’, which jokes about women’s need for chocolate. Don’t expect to hear the track on his next album though, because Mraz told the audience that “the women marched, (so) I’ll just keep it to myself.”

3. You Get Your Money’s Worth

If (like myself) you check the set list in advance, you may think that Jason Mraz puts on a short performance, however he performs for roughly two hours. Some of his performances make Grateful Dead songs look short.

Early in the performance, ‘The Remedy’, ‘Unfold’ and ’93 Million Miles’ alone went on for a total of a half hour, with guitar solos and banter extending the tracks. You’ll definitely leave his shows feeling as you got your money’s worth, and then some.

4. He’s the Best White Freestyler (not named Marshall)

When you think of the best freestylers in music, Jason Mraz probably doesn’t come to mind, but he should. Mraz boasts his entertaining rap skill on ‘Curbside Prophet’ and he freestyles in his live shows, making each show different from the last. He’s no Eminem, but Mraz is quick on his feet and can freestyle with the best of them.

5. The Setlist

Like any great concert, The Good Vibes Tour is worth the price of admission for its setlist. Early on in the set you’ll enjoy songs like ‘The Remedy’ and ’93 Million Miles’ and to end the performance you’ll sing along to tracks like ‘I’m Yours’ and his new single ‘Have It All’.

Finally, last but not least, Mraz goes with a cover song to end the night, and what better track for the tour than The Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations’, a song that was performed by the band itself less than 24 hours before.


Check out our photos from last night’s performance below and get your tickets for the remaining dates of the Good Vibes Tour here. And be sure to peep the Ravinia’s remaining schedule at their official website.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Jason Mraz

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Brett Dennen

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