Vince Staples Calls Out R. Kelly For Being a Child Molester


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

While defending his inability of ever going to prison due to his “black entertainer” status, Vince Staples continued to entertain us all by going on a rant about R. Kelly.

“He’s a child molester and he pees on people and he can’t read or write, and he didn’t go to jail. I’m a good person, R. Kelly (is) a piece of f*cking sh*t. So if a piece of f*cking sh*t, R. Kelly, didn’t go to jail for being a child molester and peeing on people and having a human tracking ring in Atlanta, then I’ll be alright.” Staples explained.

Although we can’t quite tell how serious Staples was being, or if he was just having fun, he was being brutally honest either way. Leave it to Vince Staples to tell it like it is.

Watch Vince Staples’ Coachella interview below.


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