Photos: P!nk Gets The Party Started on a Saturday Night at Chicago’s United Center


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Check-in to a P!nk concert on Facebook and get ready for a stampede of comments and text messages of jealousy. And lucky for the city of Chicago, ensuing jealousy was curbed as P!nk delivered not one, but two, performances at the United Center this weekend (her 2nd and 3rd Chicago shows of the past year), giving more fans a chance to witness her critically acclaimed performances live and in person.

A woman that needs no introduction, and a tour than needs no opener, P!nk got the party started on Saturday night in Chicago, of course with her 2001 Grammy-nominated hit, ‘Get The Party Started’. And what better way, than in total P!nk fashion, high flying throughout the sold-out arena, hanging from a giant chandelier. With just one song, the performance was more entertaining than any other show that the United Center had seen in 2018.

From there on out, the hits, entertainment and energy levels never stopped for the Beautiful Trauma Tour. Through the 21-tracks that P!nk performed throughout the night, the ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer moved left-to-right, up-and-down, and all around her heart-shaped stage (complete with cat-walks and two wild fan pits) to make sure that no one in the audience felt left out and everyone got to enjoy their favorite P!nk record.

What was maybe most impressive is the different type of risks P!nk took throughout the night. With the Cirque Du Soleil type moves that she pulls off in the middle of her tracks, P!nk would easily get a pass for lip synching. Yet P!nk’s vocals were real and on-point for the entire night. It’s unrealistic to put on that much of a physically demanding show and still sound great, and yet she manages to do it.

The other major risk P!nk takes on her tour is a literal one, as she essentially risks her life with the acrobatics. At a point, P!nk was raised above her fans, hanging from her back-up dancer with no noticeable safety harness. While other pop artists in her shoes only float throughout arenas with slow-moving platforms, even they have safety belts attached, just in case all goes wrong. How P!nk finds someone to insure her tour is beyond me, but irregardless her show is definitely high-risk high-reward, and her audience is the beneficiary.

And although most of P!nk’s singles are very fun and upbeat, the Pennsylvania singer took a moment on stage to get serious and share a conversation she has with her 6-year-old daughter. After her daughter had been teased by children over her appearance, and after P!nk had to contemplate whether she was allow to kick a child’s a**, the singer told her daughter that despite the fact that many people feel the need to critique P!nk’s appearance and body, she still stands confident and sells out arenas throughout the world. And the United Center and all fans in attendance this weekend can obviously attest to that.

Too often, high production in a tour can come off as gimmicky and borderline desperate, but not in this case. The reason for P!nk’s elaborate and immensely entertaining performance is, if not for no other reason, to truly give back to her fans and ensure that they have the best night possible.

If you haven’t seen P!nk live, chances are you know someone who has and who has told you that you need to as well. Take their advice, because P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma Tour is like none other.

Check out our photos from night two of P!nk’s 2-night United Center residency below.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

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