Photos: Vince Staples Joins Tyler The Creator at The Rave in Milwaukee


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Having performed at the infamous Wisconsin venue a number of times before, Vince Staples was welcomed back by his Milwaukee fans at The Rave tonight. Currently on his co-headlining tour with Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator, Vince and Tyler gave fans twice the dosage of great live music, each performing their respective new albums.

After a DJ set from Odd Future’s Taco, Staples got the night started on a high note, as he delivered the first of two headlining performances for the sold-out crowd. Vince Staples opened the set with his 2017 track, ‘BagBak’, and continued to kick things off with a number of songs from his new LP, Big Fish Theory.

Throughout the performance Staples showed love to the majority of his critically acclaimed project, while also performing fan favorites from his debut studio album, Summertime ’06. Although Staples’ doesn’t quite deliver the energy that Tyler The Creator brings, tonight was evidence of Staples’ growth as a performer. With every visit to The Rave, Staples leaves us more and more impressed, as he puts on a set filled with far more production value than just a rapper on stage with a laptop and microphone.

From the setlist, to the light show, to the raw emotion that Staples shows in his performance, Vince Staples is as good of a rapper on stage as he is in the booth. The ‘Norf Norf’ California native gave fans their price of admission tonight, leaving a wild Tyler The Creator show as an added bonus.

Check out our photos from tonight’s performance below and get your tickets and info for the remaining dates of the tour at Vince Staples’ official website.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Vince Staples

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