Migos Kicked Off Delta Flight Over Alleged Racial Profiling


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

During their scheduled flight from Atlanta to Des Moines on Friday, the Migos were thrown off a Delta flight, and the ATL trio’s manager is saying it was all due to racial profiling.

According to TMZ, the captain of the aircraft made the decision to kick off Takeoff, and Quavo, Offset and their manager joined him to show their support. Migos’ manager told TMZ that the group was in first class and fell asleep, but Takeoff’s luggage was on the floor and not in the overhead bin, as required.

Delta reports that Takeoff would not follow their instructions, and as a result he was kicked off the flight. Delta cries unruly passenger but the Migos cry racial profiling. Would this incident have played out the same way if Bono’s bag wasn’t overhead?

Watch video of the incident below.


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