Photos: John Legend and Gallant Bring the “Darkness and Light” Tour to Milwaukee


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater was flooded with talent as R&B singer/songwriter and everyone’s favorite, John Legend, brought his headlining Darkness and Light Tour to a packed crowd of his biggest fans. The talent was spread throughout the lineup though, as DMV native, Christopher Gallant (or “Gallant”), got the night started in the best way possible.

Just before he is set to deliver an anticipated performance at Bonnaroo, Gallant had Milwaukee in awe with performances of some of his best tracks. Performing songs from his 2014 self-released EP, Zebra, a project with attained the singer his core fan base, as well as tracks from his 2016 debut album, Ology, Gallant’s set was a true showcase of his voice of songwriting.

The Grammy-nominated Warner Brothers artist certainly picked up a number of new fans in Milwaukee tonight, with highlights from his opening set, which included performances of ‘Cave Me In’, ‘Talking To Myself’ and a memorable finale with his biggest single from his growing and emerging career, ‘Weight In Gold’. As Gallant continues to tour the world, get huge co-signs from artists like Quincy Jones and Seal, and give fans goosebumps with his impressive vocals, the alternative R&B singer has a promising future ahead of himself.

Next up, it was time for John Legend to greet his audience. Named after his fifth studio album, which released just months ago, Legend’s Darkness and Light Tour is everything you love from the Columbia singer. From his ballads on the piano, his beautiful lyrics, to his breathtaking vocals, it’s no surprise that John Legend is an artist that is often imitated but never duplicated.

Legend kicked things off with one of his new LP’s singles, ‘I Know Better’, a lovely gospel-infused record where Legend stays humble and reminds himself that, “Legend is just a name”. But if you asked anyone in attendance tonight, John Legend lives up to his name and has for years. Next, Legend performed his album’s Chance The Rapper collaboration ‘Penthouse Floor’, an artist who calls home, the Windy City located just 90 miles south of tonight’s show.

John Legend continued his set with his 2013 track ‘Tonight’, his single ‘Love Me Now’, and ‘Made To Love’. And whether Legend was impressing the audience with songs from Darkness and Light, some soulful covers, or some of his biggest hits throughout the past decade and change, the audience stayed engaged and Legend continued to blow the crowd away.

While there were too many highlights of his set to count, a few personal favorites included Legend’s performance of ‘Ordinary People’ and his encore performances of his mega-hits, ‘Glory’ and ‘All Of Me’. From Gallant’s opening set to Legend’s memorable encore, the night was one that Milwaukee will not soon forget.

Check out our photos from tonight’s performance below and be sure to get your tickets to another date on Legend and Gallant’s U.S. tour at John Legend’s official website.

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

John Legend


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