Chance The Rapper & Ziggy Marley Recreate The Arthur Theme Song with Stephen Colbert


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Even more than the internet loves Arthur memes, Chance The Rapper loves the Arthur Theme Song. A catchy nostalgic record from a beloved childhood cartoon, that Chance has flipped a number times in the past, this time the Chicago rapper teamed up with Ziggy Marley and Stephen Colbert to make an official recreation for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

No one is having more fun than Chance The Rapper in music today, and this fun collaboration is another example of just that. Chance’s momentum isn’t slowing down, so be sure to catch one of his huge headlining festival performances in the summer.

Watch Chance The Rapper, Ziggy Marley & Stephen Colbert recreate the Arthur Theme Song before.


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