Rapper Bobby Shmurda Accepts 7 Year Plea Deal


Courtesy of YouTube
Courtesy of YouTube

It feels like it’s been forever since rapper Bobby Shmurda’s breakout viral hit record, ‘Hot N*gga’, a track that Shmurda both owe’s his career to but which also may indirectly cost the New York-native seven years of his life. In order to avoid a trial, Shmurda and co-defendants, Chad Marshall and Nicholas McCoy, have accepted a plea deal from prosecution today.

Under the deal, Shmurda has pled guilty to 4th-degree conspiracy and 2nd-degree criminal weapons possession, and will serve a 7 year sentence. Since Bobby will get credit for time served, another 5 years and change will remain on his sentence. A lot of controversy surrounds Shmurda’s arrest, and it’s hard for many to help but wonder if Shmurda was targeted due to the lyrics of his music.

Bump some ‘Hot N*gga’ until they free Bobby Shmurda below.

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