Kanye West Shows Love for Taylor Swift on Twitter


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Kanye West and Taylor Swift have had a rocky relationship ever since his “Imma let you finish” moment at the VMAs years ago. And just when it looked like the two were good (friends even), things got crazy when Kanye released his new album, The Life of Pablo, with the record ‘Famous’, where Kanye claims he feels like “Taylor (and Kanye) might still have sex.”

That’s when all hell broke lose. Taylor was publicly upset, then rumors swirled that Swift actually gave Kanye the green light for the lyric, then Kim Kardashian West posted video evidence of a phone call where Taylor is okay with the lyric, then Taylor claimed she wasn’t aware of the “making that b*tch famous” part of the song and threatened legal action over the posting of the phone call. It’s not clear exactly what to believe, but many viewed the whole situation as a big W for Kanye and a big L for Taylor, helping Kanye’s public image and damaging Taylor previously perfect image. 

But despite coming out ahead and despite Taylor threatening Kanye with a lawsuit over the release of a phone call which she previously denied even happened, Kanye has just shown love for the ‘Bad Blood’ singer on Twitter. Sharing a photo of a t-shirt that blends Kanye’s album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Swift’s pop LP, 1989, Kanye writes “unity love”.

Let’s just hope that the two can finally make up and make some dope music together one day, so everyone wins.

See Kanye show love to T-Swift on Twitter below.


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