New Music: Lil Dicky Shares His New Music Video for “Molly” ft. Brendon Urie


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Self-described as “the softest thing (he has) ever done”, ‘Save Dat Money’ rapper Lil Dicky slows things down a bit and watch his ex-girlfriend get married in his new music video for ‘Molly’. Off his debut studio album, Professional Rapper, ‘Molly’ features singer Brendon Urie and is the latest single of Dicky’s recent LP.

In the record and video, Lil Dicky reflects on how his career has got in the middle of his past relationships, and while LD doesn’t regret choosing music and pursuing his dreams over his ex and personal relationships, Dicky has opened and told fans it was a more than difficult decision. Proving that he isn’t just a joke or gimmick rapper, Lil Dicky shares a whole new side in ‘Molly’.

Watch Lil Dicky’s music video for ‘Molly’ below.

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