Vic Mensa Working with the Gorillaz in Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Music fans have been more than excited that a new Gorillaz LP is currently under works, and we have now learned that a familiar face in Chicago is likely working on the new and highly anticipated project. Hours ago, Gorillaz-affiliated producer Remi Kabaka (voice of the Gorillaz’s Russel Hobbs) posted a photo of Vic in the studio in Chicago. While we can’t say for sure whether they were all working on the Gorillaz’s forthcoming album, it’s a definite possibility. This may seem like an unlikely collaboration on the surface, but Mensa definitely is a rock star, as much as he is a rapper. Whether it’s providing feedback or a guest feature, a Vic and Gorillaz record would be amazing.


Check out the Instagram post below.


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