Chance The Rapper Confirms Mixtape with Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Childish Gambino news is rare in 2016 while Donald Glover has shifted his focus on his forthcoming FX show Atlanta. So when Chance The Rapper gave a fan on reddit this weekend a simple one-word response, Chance and Bino fans everywhere rejoiced. During Chance’s reddit “ask me anything” fan Q&A, a fan asked the Chicago rapper:

“Does the Chance and Childish Gambino collab album/mixtape still exist?”

With just a few letters, Chance gave the answer we were all hoping for by replying yes. While he didn’t give any details, the fact that the music has been actually recorded gets rap fans everywhere hopeful that the project will be released. However, since Chance just released his highly anticipated album/mixtape, Coloring Book, and given how busy Childish Gambino is, don’t expect the project anytime soon.

Stream some of our favorite Chance/Gambino songs below.


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