Watch Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video for “Freak” with Father John Misty


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last night Lana Del Rey premiered her new music video at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, and while most music videos don’t warrant their own release event, Lana’s videos aren’t “most music videos”. This time releasing visuals for her 2015 track, ‘Freak’, from her Honeymoon album, Lana Del Rey’s new music video co-stars Lana’s close friend and rocker, Father John Misty, and everything you wouldn’t expect and everything you would expect from Lana all at the same time.

The new music video certainly shares images and a general feel from some of Lana’s previous vintage-themed videos, but this new one totals over 10-minutes long. And while we won’t try to give away too much, the last half of the video is full of a weird (in the best way possible) underwater piano-laced slow-motion sequence of Lana swimming. You definitely need to check it out for yourself.

Watch Lana’s music video for ‘Freak’ below.

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