Adele Speaks Out on Donald Trump Using Her Music for His Rallies


It’s about time that Republican politicians and candidates stick to a select (almost non-existent) number of conservative musicians when making selections for their rally music. Whether it’s Bruce Springsteen shutting down republications for playing his patriot hits, or whether it’s the Dropkick Murphys telling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “we literally hate you”, time and time again Republicans look silly for using music from (often liberal) big name musicians without their permission. This time it is Donald Trump under fire, as the Republican candidate for President used a couple of Adele records (‘Rolling in the Deep’ and ‘Skyfall’), and now Adele is speaking out.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, a spokesperson for the ‘Here’ single released an official statement noting “Adele has not given permission for her music to be used” by Trump, or for any political campaign. So while Adele isn’t going to be joining the stage with Vampire Weekend and Bernie Sanders any time soon, she definitely hasn’t endorsed Donald Trump. And trust us, she definitely doesn’t need his free publicity either.

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