Kanye West Responds to Wiz Khalifa, Calls ‘Black & Yellow’ “Corny as F*ck”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Kanye West is really on a whole different level with his new album, now renamed WAVES. Although Mr. West is known as one of the “less shy” artists in the music world (for lack of better words), he often stays away from rap beef, no matter who calls him out. He will lash out on Jimmy Kimmel or Nike, but he almost never goes in on rappers. Being an artist as big as Kanye, rappers left and right will release diss tracks and throw shots on Twitter, but time and time again, Kanye avoids it all.

Not today however… After Wiz Khalifa took to social media to critique Kanye’s use of the title WAVES, saying essentially that it is a rip off of Harlem, NY rapper Max B (who popularized the term “wavy”), Kanye has responded to his ex-girlfriend’s husband, Wiz Khalifa.

Calling out Wiz Khalifa for ripping of Kid Cudi, having a corny first single in ‘Black & Yellow’, told him a stripped trapped him (Amber Rose), reminded him that no one has listened to a Wiz Khalifa album all the way through, and even told Wiz he wouldn’t have a kid if not for him, Kanye went all out on Wiz, in a way he has never done to a rapper before! Although he did compliment Wiz’s style…

Check out Kanye’s 17 friendly reminders to Wiz Khalifa below!


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