Lupe Fiasco Announces He is Retiring from Music This Year


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last month, Lupe Fiasco fans were blessed as the Chicago rapper announced that he would be releasing three new albums all in 2016. Titled DROGAS, SKULLS, and ROY, all three projects (with DROGAS expected first) will keep Lupe’s fans more than happy this year, however with this good news soon came some bad news.

Taking to Twitter, Lupe announced that ROY (the third album of his upcoming 2016 trilogy) will unfortunately be his last. So while fans will get a ton of new music from the ‘Kick Push’ rapper this year, if all goes as scheduled, it will mark Fiasco’s retirement as well. This isn’t to say that Lupe will stop making music with others or will stop touring, but it certainly has left a lot of his biggest fans disappointed.


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