Concert Review: AudioDamn! Performs at Schubas in Chicago



Last night Chicago was welcome by German rockers, AudioDamn!. With opening performances from We Or Me and Minor Characters, the Windy City’s Schuba’s Tavern saw a number of great sets. While many were first introduced to AudioDamn! last night, the Epic Records signees have gathered a couple big wins in the past month alone. Last week the guys made their U.S. television debut on NBC’s “Today Show”, performing their new single ‘Radar’. AudioDamn! was also named Elvis Duran’s “Artist of the Month”, just days ago. Another group who used the internet to gather attention from a major label, AudioDamn! is definitely one of groups to watch in 2016.

Comprised of Oli Wimmer, Daniel Mudrack (“Mudi”) and Ali Grumeth, the guys have a very likeable appeal. Last night the guys drew an intimate crowd of about 50 fans. Despite being new on the scene and on their first U.S. tour, there were certainly some very dedicated fans in the building. A crowd that can only be described as “hipstery” (for lack of better words), some of the best “Movember” beards in Chicago, complemented by a plethora of boots and beanies, were in attendance. No matter the attire, everyone came to have fun.

Although with a sound of their own, AudioDamn!’s sound will resonate well with any Maroon 5 fan. Oli can hit the high notes like only Adam Levine can, but with the energy of Dave Grohl and as likeable as Justin Timberlake. The group’s stage presence wasn’t shadowed by their sound or anything else though. AudioDamn! had a lot of interaction with their audience, as well as a good banter between members. The guys are funny and light hearted, and you could tell that they were more than excited to be on their tour.

Currently you’ll only be able to find a few AudioDamn! tracks online, until the release of their forthcoming self-titled EP on January 8th (via Epic), but that doesn’t mean their setlist is anything but full. The German rockers of course played their singles ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Radar’, but they also payed homage to Jimi Hendrix with their rendition of ‘Fire’, and around six other tracks, some which we will hear on their upcoming 4-track EP.

They didn’t care about putting on a “polished” or “perfect” performance, but that’s not to their fault. The guys came to Chicago to rock out, and that’s just what they did, and they did that perfectly. Everyone at Schubas (Oli, Mudi and Ali included) had a great time. The intimate performance can best be compared to your local rock band, inviting their friends to their garage and just messing around and rocking out. The only thing is, AudioDamn! is doing things on a much bigger scale. They have the appeal of being just a few average guys, but they are touring the country, appearing on network TV, have a sound that will succeed in the mainstream, and are less than two months away from their major label debut.

If you get a chance, definitely catch these guys on tour. AudioDamn! is stopping in St. Paul, MN tonight and will have stops in Davenport, IA and Kansas City when the tour concludes this month. While no additional dates have been announced, after the 2016 release of AudioDamn!, don’t be surprised if a huge tour soon follows.

Stay up to date on all things AudioDamn! at their official website and download their single ‘Lights Out’ now on iTunes.

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