Submission Showcase: October 19th – 25th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Foss – “Chats With Shade, Part 5”

*nodding head* this is good, a bit too good…

Anyways, to kick off this week’s submissions, we have ‘Chats With Shade Part 5’ (yes, there’s five parts) from 24 year-old NY-based rapper Foss. Featuring a production which mimics the style of 808 Mafia in the best possible way (because I like it, obviously, hence ‘best possible way’), Foss spits six verses (I think), with one (or two, depending on how you see it) hook, with an insane rhyming scheme, flow and punchlines (see: “So fresh and so clean, call me aftershave”). Be sure to check this out, listen to the other four parts, and look out for the next installment in the series.


For Esme – “Just Yet”

It’s lit! For Esme (not With Love and Squalor) have been featured a couple of times already on these submission showcases, but they return again – this time with another single, ‘Just Yet’. Featuring a wonderful rolling drumbeat and almost arpeggiated synthensized bassline, creating an overall relaxed, but at the same time, intense song. Especially when it’s topped by the wonerful singing of vocalist Martha Meredith. But as always, listen below and buy their damn album! It’s great.


Club 8 – “Skin”

A song about skin? Kind of. Swedish indie-pop duo Club 8‘s ‘Skin’ is a song about sex, which is well-placed in the vocals of Karolina Komstedt, while being simultaneously assisted by a rolling drumbeat and synth arpeggios provided by Johan Angergård. It’s like a half-club and half-home listening song, one that would get you moving during a journey. Or during sex. I’m not too sure about the latter, but I’ll be sure to test it out and get back to you. Listen to ‘Skin’ below.

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