Submission Showcase: October 12th – 18th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Shiloh – “Trees Neon”

Okay… this is unique. To kick off this week’s submissions, we have ‘Trees Neon’, by Shiloh, a New York-based rapper. The song itself starts off with an almost-house like beat, which Shiloh’s flow tears apart with some nice lyricism too. It’s almost like, and dare I say it, a good-sounding version of Azaelia Banks’ 212. But then (!) it switches into an almost trap-influenced beat, which features it’s own unique style, while the young rapper simply repeats ‘and you n—as just lost it’. It’s super dope! It makes you want to nod your head into oblivion. So totally listen to it because I said so. Check it out below and check his other track, ‘Rollin’, on his Soundcloud.


You-C – “Cough Drops & Water Bottles”

I see. Get it? Okay, seriously. Illinois rapper You-C‘s ‘Cough Drops & Water Bottles’ is a very interesting track, backed by a production, courtesy of Bitboy Beatz, which features a synth and a lot of snares, with a ton of hats too. But what’s more unique is You-C’s lyricism over it. Supported by a wonderful flow and a nice appetite for one liners, this IL native definitely gets his point across. But what is it with cough drops and water bottles? Is a thing that is native to people from Illinois? Or? But yeah, listen below. And check out the rest of You-C’s ‘Do You C Me?’ mixtape too.


Aleks Grey – “Feel Alive”

Today’s last submissions comes by way of Liverpool (via Norway), from young singer-songwriter Aleks Grey. ‘Feel Alive’ is sort of one of those feel good songs, about, well – feeling alive. Backed by some very happy and progressing instrumentation, featuring some muted (I think?) guitar plucking, pianos, drums, and while backed with a wide array of supporting vocals, this is definitely one of those songs for when you feel down. Like today, for example. Stream it below on Soundcloud, and even buy it on iTunes if you want to.

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