Submission Showcase: September 21st – 27th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

View – ‘Lace’ (Feat. LCMDF)

Our first submission for this week comes in the form of ‘Lace’, a downtempo rap track by Finnish rapper View. This track features vocals from LCMDF on the hook, which are very well done as they go from being timestretched into a low pitch all the way back into normality. It sounds good and supports the verses which View attacks with a great flow and a nice voice to match. This track is off his Avalon EP which drops on Friday, so go get that when it drops and check this out below.


Cam The Chef – ‘I Lost My Wallet’ (Feat. Spacefeet)

LA-based rapper Cam, The Chef has appeared on a Submission Showcase before, but he’s back again, this time with ‘I Lost My Wallet’, which features fellow rapper Spacefeet on the second verse. Supported by a lo-fi, almost sloppy beat which is produced by Eraserfase, both rappers showcase their abilities, which Cam’s slower flow and low voice on the first verse, which features some great wordplay and lyricism, while Spacefeet takes the second flow with a slightly quicker flow and higher voice, with the same great lyrics and wordplay as Cam. A real head bobber. Listen below.


Hotel – ‘Fire’ [Prod. By OhGenius]

This one is interesting. NY-based singer Mike Evans’ new project Hotel features production by OhGenius, and both have come together for ‘Fire’, a track about love which features everything from a big RnB beat, to string swells, and even guitar melodies here and there. Evans’ voice is smooth and fits the instrumental so well, while Genius’ guitar melodies give the production an almost Guns N Roses vibe to the track, in a good way. The last verse/outro features a nice little rap which is a good break from the singing throughout the track, but altogether it goes well for a good track. Listen to it below and expect more from them soon.


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