Concert Review: SoMo Performs at the House of Blues in Chicago


Photo by Jesus Montero/The Early Registration
Photo by Jesus Montero/The Early Registration

Joseph Somers-Morales, better known by his fans as SoMo, serenaded the House of Blues in Chicago last night while on his “The Falling Up” tour. The YouTube sensation, turned R&B star on the rise, brought in help from newcomer Jordan Bratton and rapper Kirko Bangz. SoMo’s latest mixtape, My Life II, dropped earlier this month debuting at #2 on the R&B/soul charts and on the list for the Top 10 album charts on iTunes. Hitting chart after chart, SoMo is bringing back R&B to a new audience. Features in My Life II included: Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, Hoodie Allen, and Jeremih.

Lined up and packed in to see their favorite artists, The House of Blues last night could not disappoint. The venue was filled with great music from SoMo’s dynamic voice, Bratton’s soul filled performance, and Bangz’ thrill ride verses.

Kirko Bangz

Opening the show was rapper Kirko Bangz. Bangz, who is best known for his hit ‘Drank In My Cup’, which when released peaked at number 28 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2011. Bangz energetic and adrenaline filled performance set the pace on high for the rest of the night as he brought a headlining caliber performance from the start of the show. His non-stop demeanor rubbed off to concert goers as it set that bar high the rest of the night.


New to the scene Bratton, a Long Island native, has worked with artists like Fabulous and Chance The Rapper (to name a few). Dim light set the mood as Bratton brought the concert goers down to his mellow smooth pace level. Bratton performed original songs like ‘Danger’ and ‘Prisoner’ with even covering Ed Sheeran’s ‘Think Out Loud’. Bratton after his set ventured off into the crowd to greet fans and to pose for pictures.


Known by his core fans for his ‘SoMo Sunday’ cover songs on YouTube, SoMo has come a long way since his YouTube days. SoMo’s performance brought concert goers into his own personal intimate world. Making a name for himself, we’re set to see a lot more of SoMo as he reaches news fans for his smooth and infectious lyrics. With all the characteristics of becoming more recognized for his work SoMo’s next few career moves could set him up in a big way.

Check out more photos (by Jesus Montero/The Early Registration) below and see if SoMo is coming to a city near you here.

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