Submission Showcase: August 24th – 30th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Hadji – 5 Points [Prod. By Nate Fox & Above Avrage]

Hadji makes a long-awaited return to our Submission Showcase with a new track, as well as a new EP. ‘5 Points’, produced by Nate Fox, features an insane mix of wordplay and flow over almost 3 minutes of solid production. He even covers The Special’s ‘A Message to You, Rudy’ on the hook. A great track altogether. Check out his new EP, ‘Evil Eyes’, on his Soundcloud.


Phonic – Live From Da Underground [Prod. By JRock Beatz]

Spitting over a smooth instrumental which samples strings and cowbells, (which sound like they come from that one Tommy Wright III track…) East Atlanta native Phonic performs well on ‘Live From Da Underground’. Whether it’s flows, lyricism, or hooks, he nails them all with a little bit of flair, too. A real head bobber.


Toobe Fresco – Legend (Drake Cover)

Toobe Fresco already makes a return to our Submission Showcase, this time with a cover of Drake’s ‘Legend’. Featuring a really nice piano, accompanied by some self-production, this cover is a nice, different direction for Toobe. The blending of instruments on the hook is so smooth too. Check it out below.


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