5 Artists You Might Have Missed in 2015


Hip-hop and jazz are two genres that make sparks fly when properly fused together, as is the case on Milwaukee artist Klassik’s Seasons LP. Composed of various tracks from four EPs released throughout 2015, the record readily trades between the new and old due to an obvious propensity for both. On ‘The Secret,’ upright bass plucking and keys belonging in a mid 20th-cenutry lounge while Chicago duo BoneLang lay down their spoken-word flows; on the other hand, cuts such as ‘Falling’ fall more in line with modern hip-hop due to traditional spitting and sharp, nuanced percussion reminiscent of early electronic leanings.

As for most of Seasons, Klassik opts to blend the aforementioned approaches into a soulful rap-exposé that displays maturity far beyond many established artists’ years, much less a rising name with an entire career ahead of him. With household names like Chance The Rapper beginning to wear their jazz and soul influences on their sleeves, the conditions are ripe for Klassik to begin his rise.


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