Summerfest Day 11 in Photos: Neil Young, Smash Mouth, Kansas, Mat Kearney


Neil Young
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Milwaukee’s Summerfest 2015, the World’s Largest Music Festival, seemed like it kicked off just yesterday but it’s now over and it definitely delivered. Unlike many other premiere music festivals, Summerfest (which runs until July 5th) brings an especially diverse list of performers to Milwaukee’s lakefront every year, creating for a festival where you can see Kanye West (who performed in 2011) share the same stage as Peter Gabriel and Kid Rock. So to get things started for The Early Registration’s first year at Summerfest, we had to catch a wide variety of acts all festival long.

Check out our Summerfest Day 11 photos below, of Neil Young, Kansas, Mat Kearney and Smash Mouth!

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Neil Young

Neil Young

Neil Young


Kansas Kansas Kansas



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