New Evidence Suggests That “The One and Only PPL MVR” is Really “Brand New”


The one and only PPL MVR
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

If you haven’t heard of “The One and Only PPL MVR”, you are missing out. With their awesome yeti/abominable snowman costumes, their distorted voice, and their total commitment to character (they inaudibly grunt throughout their interviews), these guys rock! However given the overnight status these guys have attained (they have only been on social media for less than a year and are already signed to Elektra Records), many have questioned whether these guys are another famous band in disguise. One Reddit user did his research and put together a very convincing argument that PPL MVRs are really New York alternative rock band Brand New. With new evidence that we uncovered, we agree!

To support his theory, the user cites that Brand New is also uses intentional subtraction of vowels (“FGHT FF YR DMNS”), similar to PPL MVRs (“People Movers”). Also, early in their Twitter activity, PPL MVR was only active on Twitter when Brand New was not on tour. As soon as the tour ended, PPL MVR were back online. Digging even deeper, on PPL MVR’s Instagram, of the two photos with location tracking (at that time) one of the two photos where from New York (where Brand New is from, and yes we know NY is a big city). There was also evidence of a small Easter egg in Brand New’s website that linked to a PPL MVRs video.

Currently, Brand New is the only band that people legitimately consider to be PPL MVRs in disguise and since the original rumors started to gain traction online, a HUGE piece of evidence suggests that the PPL MVRs are really the guys from Brand New. Last November, Linkin Park (with special guests A Day To Remember) was announced as one of the headliners for Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Months later, Brand New was announced as one of the 95 headliners for the Summerfest ground stages. Then, soon after Brand New was booked for Summerfest on July 1st, the PPL MVRs were added as an opener Linkin Park’s June 30th performance. PPL MVR and Brand New playing back to back nights in Milwaukee, WI? Not only were the PPL MVRs only added as an opener (for a show that already had an opener), months after the original announcement but soon after the Brand New announcement, but the shows were back-to-back nights and PPL MVR (unline A Day To Remember) is not supporting Linkin Park on any of their other tour dates. You will also notice (from what I could tell) that the two groups never have conflicting tour dates.

Of course, this is just circumstantial evidence but this is some STRONG circumstantial evidence. Short of seeing both bands in the same place at the same time, it is hard to imagine that the Redditor’s theory isn’t true. And sure, maybe I should just help keep it a secret. After all, I was a huge fan of the PPL MVR’s performance the other night. However… booking back-to-back nights almost suggests that they want people to uncover the mystery (oh, and also they used my photograph without permission and without even crediting me!).


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