Submission Showcase: April 20th – 26th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

It’s that time of the week again.

Amiir – ‘Ego’ [Prod. By ThatKidMyself]

Chicago-based rapper Amiir drops a banger about having a big ego, talking about how women won’t leave him alone, pulling up to the club with 100 people, taking photos with dudes’ girls, taking shots of patron, and popping a lot of bottles. It’s assisted by some great production, courtesy of ThatKidMyself. Definitely something that would be played in the club. Listen to ‘Ego’ below, and purchase it on iTunes if you really want to. (Ed Note: you should.)


Shanay – ‘Time’

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve had a thought-provoking RnB submission. London-based singer Shanay‘s new single ‘Time’ is about wasting time on someone who isn’t there for you, only to hope that in time (a lot of ‘time’ used in this song) they come back into your life. I think. That’s how I see it anyway. There’s a bizarre little bitcrush effect toward the last hook which sounds incredible, and this definitely makes me want to go and text a special someone. Thanks, Shanay! Look out for some more tracks soon, and take a listen to ‘Time’ after the drop.


Mackenson – ‘Act Ratchet’

Miami rapper Mackenson‘s new single ‘Act Ratchet’ is a YG-sounding rhyme bonanza about females acting up. Talking about having sex with girls, comparing big girls to small girls, even a cheeseburger line – there’s a lot of interesting bars in this track. “Don’t f-ck with me, unless I’m naked.” Hahahahahahaha- anyway, this is another one for the club, supported by a DJ Mustard-type production. Act ratchet to this one.


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