The 10 Best Rap Verses of 2015 (So Far)

2. Wiz Khalifa – “Smoke Chambers” (2nd Verse)

Courtesy of Film Magic

While this track is technically from 2014 (December), it really gained a lot of traction in 2015. And in this record (especially its second verse), Wiz gets a lot off his chest and addresses his personal issues (if you follow Wiz on Instagram then you already know he’s been TRIPPING lately). From the magenta locks to the nude photo-shoots with his boys, it is safe to safe the guy has some demons and you can certainly tell in his ‘Chamber of Reflection’ Mac DeMarco remix, ‘Smoke Chambers’.

“I’m smoking that weed everyday but never hide my faith
They calling my phone, I don’t even got the time a day
Don’t know their motives anymore that’s why I hesitate
I’m tired of partying and getting drunk, I’m trying to elevate”

You hear “Wiz Khalifa” and “Smoke Chambers” and you think it must be another song about weed and nothing else, but instead Wiz gives you one of his deeper verses to date.



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