Revelry Music & Arts Festival: A 2015 Artists Guide


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

We just got back from Coachella, and already we are getting excited to travel to our next music festival. While the next fest on our radar is definitely on a smaller scale, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Ever since the 2013 announcement of Madison, Wisconsin’s Revelry Music & Arts Festival, I have been a fan. For years the live artist recruiting by the University of Wisconsin was disappointing, and this is coming from a Badger of seven long years. Revelry changed that, balancing a student-run organization’s budget by drawing in some of the biggest emerging names across several different genres. And now that I have since graduated, I am excited to return as a photographer and journalist.

I am not the only one returning to Revelry this year, thousands of Wisconsin students and one big guest will be returning to the festival as well. For Revelry’s inaugural year, Chicago’s Chance the Rapper hit the stage, just days after the release of his critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap. A lot has changed since then, for Revelry and for Chance. This year Revelry is changing its locations and expanding its reach in many ways with its biggest concert bill yet, and while Chance is again on the lineup, this time around he is performing as one of the top names in the new area of rap. Right now Chance has unheard tracks that feature work from Frank Ocean and Andre 3000 on his laptop, and once he releases his next project, Surf, he will again be one of the most talked about names in rap.

While you would be a fool to miss Chance’s headlining performance, don’t sleep on the rest of Revelry’s talented lineup. This year, as it did in 2013, Revelry booked another big emerging Chicago rapper (in Mick Jenkins). You can also expect The Chainsmokers to get Mad-Town hyped. There is still more though, as a bunch of other artists (from Europe to Madison) are also set to give memorable performances in Madison this year. If you live in Wisconsin, or even want to make the short drive from Chicago, and you want to get up to date on Revelry’s 2015 artists before the performances start on Saturday, May 2nd, then get your tickets here and hit the jump to check out our artist guide to Revelry’s 2015 lineup.


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