Mike Posner Debuts New Music (“Buried In Detroit”, “Iris”, “Took a Pill in Ibiza”), Live on YouTube


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Minutes ago, Mike Posner wrapped up an intimate performance of brand new music on YouTube Livestream. While Mike performed in a low lit room for just a handful of people, the set was streamed for many fans watching at home. Sitting at his piano, Posner premiered new tracks which contrast greatly from his previous mixtapes and debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Posner kicked off his new folk-influenced and slower-tempoed sound with ‘Buried in Detroit’, an emotional track about our eventual mortality and his hometown of Detroit, MI.

“Next to my father and my father’s father too, I had a spot in New York City, but baby that ain’t no substitute. Not from my hometown, that place people avoid. I made love in every city, but I’ll be buried in Detroit.”

Next, Posner sang another piano ballad, ‘Iris’, before he picked up his guitar and told a story behind his final song for the evening, ‘Took a Pill in Ibiza’. “Almost a year ago, I was in the studio with a buddy of mine. His name is (Country music’s) Jake Owen.” said Posner. Mike then told fans about their competitive songwriting, where each would try to bring the better new song to the table. After Owen asked Posner about the inspiration behind one track, Mike explained that the song was inspired by one girl he used to mess around, with mixed with another girl he used to mess around with, and with some of the song simply made up. Owen then asked “Why don’t you just tell the truth?” These words inspired ‘Took a Pill in Ibiza’ are ones that Posner will never forget. This advice from Owen is likely a big inspiration behind Posner’s new sound.

In ‘Took a Pill in Ibiza’, Mike Posner describes himself as a singer everyone forgot and who blew his chance. But if the studio versions of Mike’s new tracks sound as good as the live performances, Mike just may prove himself wrong in 2015. Just days ago Mike saw his first #1 Billboard hit with Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ (written by Posner), and perhaps we may see another one in the future, but performed by Posner himself.

Watch the performances of Mike Posner’s brand new songs below.


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