Frank Ocean Updates New Website; Announces New Album


Photo by Blake Ponto/Hypetrak

New Frank Ocean music could be coming sooner than you thought. Frank took to his tumblr and his newly-designed website to announce “two versions” of what appears to be a magazine or book of some sort. It is titled “Boys Don’t Cry” and it is very ambiguous. What’s the source of real excitement is the hashtags underneath the photo, “#Album3” and “#July2015”, hinting that the long-awaited followup to 2012’s channel ORANGE might come this summer.

See it for yourself at Frank’s tumblr.

[Update: Frank Ocean’s team has since confirmed that “Boys Don’t Cry” will be a publication and Frank’s new album. You can expect the album around July!]

Frank Ocean’s upcoming LP topped our list of ‘Most Anticipated Albums of 2015’. You can check it out here.


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