Jay-Z Reveals that He Doesn’t Have a Record Deal


Courtesy of Getty Images

During a recent Q&A (in promotion of his new streaming service TIDAL) at New York University, Jay-Z revealed some surprising information about his record deal. When asked if artists on TIDAL can continue on the service without a record deal (or when their current contracts expire), Jay-Z replied yes, saying “I’m on TIDAL. I don’t have a record deal.” Expect a bunch of major labels to start rushing to sign this emerging artist now that they know he is a free agent… kidding, of course.

While many were left disappointed by TIDAL’s recent press conference (where almost no new information was revealed), the company just may be changing the music industry like its claiming it will. Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed on an exclusive Kanye West or Rihanna release.

Check out the full transcript of Jay-Z’s NYU Q&A here.


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