Mike Posner Talks New Album and Being Shelved by RCA


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

In a new interview with Billboard, singer Mike Posner helped answer the question of “what happened to Mike Posner’s sophomore album?” For the past few years fans have awaited and anticipated Mike Posner’s sophomore efforts. First came talks of Mike’s sophomore album Sky High, then momentum shifted towards the release of Pages, another sophomore album from the ‘Cooler Than Me’ singer. “I could probably put out Sky High and Pages, but that music is no longer current to me”, Mike told Billboard. “It’s no longer true to me. It’s true to who I was then, but the music I’m writing now is true to who I am now, and I wanted to make a new, third album. And hopefully this one comes out.”

Mike also revealed why his first two sophomore LP efforts were not released, and his departure from RCA. “I was what they call ‘shelved,’ which meant if I didn’t have a big song on the radio my album wasn’t going to be released.” Day one fans will remember that Mike had a core following for years before his summer smash hit ‘Cooler Than Me’ blew up on the airwaves (despite the song being out for couple years). Although Mike is now signed with Island, there is no ill feeling towards his former label, “I don’t feel bitter about that at all. I asked RCA to let me off the label and they very graciously did, and after that I sort of stumbled on this new material, this new style.”

And don’t think that Mike has been slacking since the release of his debut album 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Not only has he worked on three sophomore albums, but Mike has worked with a number of artists and has had a consistent presence on the radio, just in different ways. Justin Bieber’s hit song ‘Boyfriend’ was co-written and produced by Posner. Maroon 5’s new hit record ‘Sugar’… Mike originally wrote for his Pages album. “(Adam Levine) wanted the song. He called and asked for it months before and I said no. But when Pages wasn’t going to come out and I sort of had the seedlings of this new record, I thought, ‘Well, this is just gonna sit on my laptop so I gave it to them.'” Given that its one of the hottest songs out right now, the song is done much more justice than if it was sitting on a Macbook.

Hang tight and know that Mike’s sophomore album is finally coming. There is no release date yet, and while Mike has chosen a title, he isn’t revealing it yet. But you can definitely expect big things from Mike in the future, and be sure to read his full interview with Billboard here.


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