Submission Showcase: March 16th – 22nd 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Freddy Stone – Keepers Of The Forest [Prod. By VarCity]

Kicking off our submissions for this week is New Jersey-based rapper Freddy Stone‘s new single Keepers Of The Forest. This horrorcore-esque track, produced by VarCity, features two verses in which Freddy himself rips the track apart, with lyrics that are reminiscent of early Three 6 Mafia. Take a listen below, and look out for Freddy’s new mixtape, Insomnia 4 Dummies, coming soon.

Hadji – Derek Jeter

Okay Hadji, I see you. This track is basically a Queens collaboration. Featuring a wonderful beat, produced by Jay Romney, that makes me wonder if I’m listening to Madlib, as well as some suh-weet vocals from a lady named Damzel (thanks for the info Hadji!), and lastly some insane verses from Hadji himself, with sportsperson references, as well as a hook which definitely showcases a fun side to the young rapper, this one is definitely worth listening to. I got it! Check it out below.

Jay Burna – All Day (BC Mix) (Feat. Maine Event & Scoopz)

This one was a surprise. The Black Congress Music Group has returned with new music! This time, in the form of an All Day freestyle mix. Fire verses from Jay Burna, Maine Event & Scoopz showcase each member’s different talents, with distinguishable voices, flows, and even a half-singing, half-rapping verse from Scoopz. You could probably listen to this All Day. (That pun was terrible). Listen below.


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