Chance The Rapper & Ludacris Surprise Chicago Students for “Get Schooled, Get Connected”


Photo by Jesus J. Montero

Two big name rappers with Chicago roots, Chance the Rapper and Ludacris (Oak Park, IL), surprised Chicago Public Schools students this week with a surprise appearance at Alcott College Prep, for the “Get Schooled, Get Connected” program. So far the program has been very successful, which helps connect youth across the country with online educational resources to help with their high school to college transition. It is always great to see Chance give back to the community, as this is just one of many events that Chance the Rapper has hosted or attended to give back to the Chicago youth. Check out some photos below, as friend of the site Jesus Montero was there to capture some of the best moments from the event.

Photos by Jesus J. Montero

Zoraida Sambolin talks to the students.
City Clerk Susana Mendoza

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